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Silent Planet is an American metalcore band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2009. Their name is a nod to C. S. Lewis’ science-fiction novel Out of the Silent Planet. The group currently consists of vocalist Garrett Russell, guitarist Mitchell Stark, bassist Thomas Freckleton and drummer Alex Camarena. The band is currently signed to Solid State Records, and have recorded a total of two EPs and four full-length albums to date: The Night God Slept (2014), Everything Was Sound (2016), When The End Began (2018), and Iridescent (2021).

Musically, Silent Planet has been described as metalcore – more specifically, progressive metalcore. They are known for their intricate sound and incorporation of post-rock textures. The band has also been praised for their thought-provoking lyrics, which cover topics such as war, psychology, and religion. Band members have listed Oh, Sleeper, Architects, Underoath, and This Will Destroy You as influences on their sound.

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